Welcome to my site.

Writing is my Zen. Project management is my expertise.

I bring to the table a decade of experience working in the multi-faceted and varied field of communications, having worn the hat of content developer and project manager extraordinaire for the corporate and non-profit worlds and for projects ranging in breadth and depth, online and off, technologically demanding and grassroots oriented.

Whether it’s briefing a team of creatives, finessing a final draft, or making sense of piecemeal contributions, I am intimately familiar with every aspect of the writing process: understanding the medium, research, copy-editing, content development, style-checking, fact-checking, reviewing, drafting original copy, team management, sourcing and creating visuals, brainstorming, proofing…the list is long.

Young or old, diverse or niche, your audience matters and so does how you write: I’ve written to inspire and raise funds. I’ve written for expansive and exhaustive government-sponsored websites full of technical jargon and complicated processes requiring very exact, clear language. I’ve edited and printed monthly publications and yearly catalogues full of detailed product information.

I will deliver your message, get your point across, and meet your objectives with style, strong work ethic, and a deep understanding of the communications process.

Thank you for visiting.